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2020. 06. 14 -

18th International Conference on Electroanalysis ESEAC 2020

13 - 17 June 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania
Joint Life Sciences Center (GMC) of Vilnius University and State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) cordially invite you to participate in the 18th International Conference on Electroanalysis (ESEAC 2020) to be held in Vilnius the capital city of Lithuania on June 14-18, 2020.
ESEAC 2020 is a continuation of the successful series of biannual international meetings introduced by Professor Malcolm R. Smyth in 1986 in Dublin City University. The conference has a broad scope covering all fields of modern electroanalysis – from theoretical aspects to practical applications. This Conference brings together the most outstanding research in electroanalytical chemistry from across Europe and the world. Contributions of young researchers are strongly encouraged. We count on a successful meeting, which provides an exciting forum for the presentation of recent research, informal discussions, exchange of ideas and new co-operations in the field of electroanalysis.
ESEAC 2020 will take place  in the capital of a beautiful Baltic country – Lithuania. The venue is a new modern building of GMC at the Sunrise Scientific Valley. Vilnius is in the geographical center of Europe and it is easy accessible from whole Europe and the world. Vilnius is internationally recognized as one of the most knowledge-intensive and innovative cities – a city as ambitious as you are. Vilnius and Lithuania in general is proud of record scientific achievements in biotechnology, innovative medicine, laser and light technologies. The most up-to-date ICT technologies are fully implemented and functioning in the entire country. The capital of Lithuania is like an open book, leaving vivid illustrations of the history of European styles – from the Gothic to the Classicism. The Old Town of Vilnius is among the largest in Eastern and Central Europe, included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Therefore, following the traditions of ESEAC, the participants will have an excellent opportunity to combine exciting science with a unique social and cultural experience.
We are sincerely honored to host this prestigious conference in Lithuania for the first time and we hope that our guests will find the forthcoming meeting to be an experience to remember.
Best regards,
Rasa Pauliukaite    

We are pleased to announce that REGISTRATION and ABSTRACT submission is OPEN for the 18th International Conference on Electroanalysis.

The deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2020
Deadline for abstract evaluation: March 15, 2020


Jiri BAREK (Czech Republic)
Anastasious ECONOMOU (Greece)
Elena FEROPONTOVA (Denmark)
Christine KRANZ (Germany)
Alexander KUHN (France)
Rasa PAULIUKAITĖ (Lithuania) Chair
Jose PINGARRON (Spain)
Wolfgang SCHUMANN (Germany)
Joseph WANG (USA)


Marius DAGYS (GMC)
Eugenijus VALATKA (KTU)

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