Naujų mikrofiziologinių sistemų biofilmo tyrimams kūrimas

N 003 Chemija / Chemistry
dr. Wanessa de Cássia Martins Antunes de Melo 
LT - Naujų mikrofiziologinių sistemų biofilmo tyrimams kūrimas
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EN - Development of new microphysiological systems for biofilm investigation

Studies on pulsed electric fields are shifting towards microfluidics to precisely monitor their impact on cells under controlled conditions. Microphysiological systems (MPS) are complex microfluidic platforms with integrated sensors that enable to mimicking and monitor tissue microenvironment and provide improved physiological relevance of in vitro research. Soft lithography is the most widely used technique for microchip fabrication due to its feature of an easily modifiable geometry according to specific needs. Precise control of the microenvironment is crucial in microphysiological systems.