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2021. 11. 17 -

Konrad Banaszek specialus seminaras 2021-11-17

Kviečiame į specialų Saulėtekio puslaidininkių fizikos seminarą:

Why photon counting is great: Applications in imaging and communications
Konrad Banaszek (Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies and Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland)

2021-11-17 15:00 / NFTMC D401, Saulėtekio al. 3 ir nuotoliniu būdu

This talk will present several scenarios when very few photon counting events carry plenty of information meant to be retrieved by the measurement. Examples include: beating the Rayleigh limit by imaging a composite light source through spatial mode demultiplexing and two-photon interference; transmission of classical information in the photon-starved regime, when the power of the transmitted signal is severely limited but modulation bandwidth can be high; and finally reducing the communication complexity of comparing large datasets using quantum fingerprinting.