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2023. 10. 17 -

Scientific Conference FizTech2023 - a great opportunity to learn about the work of young FTMC researchers

This week, on 18-19 October, FTMC PhD students and young scientists Conference "FizTech2023" will take place. Young specialists from physics, chemistry, materials engineering and electrical and electronics engineering will present their research, results and applications at Saulėtekio al. 3, Vilnius. The event will be held for the thirteenth time.
"Colleagues who are in their second or third year of PhD studies are presenting their work. This year, 50 PhD students will give oral presentations," says Dr. Vytautas Jakštas, one of the organizers of the event and the programme's compiler, who works in the Department of Physical Technologies at FTMC. He himself participated as a PhD student in one of the first FizTech conferences and has been helping to organize them for the last few years.
Every year, FTMC PhD students are attested, and a review is made of what they have done in one year. So the aim of the conference is to present their research. V. Jakštas talks about another benefit of the event: "It is a good opportunity for our PhD students to get to know each other. As our Center is very broad and the scientific topics are wide, such conferences and networking help to get to know who is doing what, what equipment do they have, or just to make contacts."
(Dr. Vytautas Jakštas. Photo: FTMC)
Bachelor and Master students doing their internships at the FTMC will also participate in the event, presenting poster presentations on the themes of their work. These presentations are also sometimes given by first year PhD students at FTMC. "Our "neighbours" from Vilnius University also participate, and this year several students from Kaunas University of Technology have registered. You could say that this is slowly becoming an intercity conference," smiles the organiser.
This year's FizTech event will feature a record number of 39 poster presentations.
The two-day conference will end with an award ceremony for the winners in both the oral and poster categories.
FizTech2023 will be broadcast live online. From 18 October at 9:30 AM, you can watch the event by clicking on this link.
For the FizTech2022 winners and abstracts of their papers, please click here.
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