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2023. 10. 23 -

What was the surprise of the FizTeCh2023 PhD Students Conference?

(A moment from FizTeCh2023. Photo: FTMC)
On 18-19 October, FTMC Young Scientists Conference FizTech2023 took place, where PhD students from different scientific fields presented their research. According to the organisers, this year's event attracted more attendees than last year, and the statistics of the participants are also encouraging: 50 PhD students presented oral presentations, and 39 gave posters. A jury of colleagues awarded prizes to the authors of the best presentations.
"When selecting them, we take into account how smooth the presentation is, how interesting and convincing the PhD student's speech is, how easy it is to understand, how the slides are prepared," says Dr. Vytautas Jakštas, one of the members of the jury and the founder of the FizTeCh programme. - Of course, the results achieved by the PhD student are not the last thing. But this is not the most important criterion, it is the young scientist's working process that matters. And the results will already be evaluated during the dissertation defence."
(Dr. Vytautas Jakštas. Photo: FTMC)
The winners in the oral presentation category were Rokas Silkinis, Matas Tartėnas and Vytautas Žalandauskas (Department of Fundamental Research), Justina Anulytė and Mantas Gaidys (Department of Laser Technologies), Maryia Drobysh (Department of Nanotechnologies), Lukas Stakėla (Department of Optoelectronics) and Greta Tartėnė (Department of Functional Materials and Electronics).
The authors of the best poster presentations were PhD students Gabrielė Rankelytė (Department of Molecular Compounds Physics) and Austėja Trečiokaitė (Department of Optoelectronics).
Our sincere congratulations to the winners!
The titles of their presentations, as well as those of all the conference participants, and their keynote theses can be found by clicking on this link.
(A moment from FizTeCh2023. Photo: Domas Jokubauskis / FTMC)
Three PhD students from the Department of Fundamental Research are among the ten winners. According to V. Jakštas, the department itself is never a criterion for the jury when evaluating the presentations - the most important thing is that they are interesting and of high quality. On the other hand, the young scientists of this Department have done a lot of work here:
"I think presentations on fundamental research are harder to prepare, because it's one thing to demonstrate an experiment where the audience sees a specific object, but it's another thing to talk about some complex equations in an interesting way. So it is very pleasing that the theoretical physicists were also able to give nice presentations. Most importantly, in a way that is understandable to those colleagues who are not specialists in those fields."
The organiser of FizTeCh2023 notes that the quality of the poster presentations is also improving, which has led to growing interest in the event.
(A moment from FizTeCh2023. Photo: FTMC)
This year, the organising committee of the conference consisted of Dr. Vytautas Jakštas from the Department of Physical Technologies, Agnė Minderytė and Sonata Pleskytė, PhD students from the Department of Environmental Research, and Dr. Kristina Plauškaitė-Šukienė and Rasa Kromkutė from the Department of Scientific Information and Doctoral Studies.
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