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Innovation and Technology Office

Most of the research results from the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) are transmitted through student training, scientific publications, seminars and consulting, and industry-sponsored research and programs. These are the most important ways of dissemination of research results for the benefit of the public.

FTMC inventions and innovations can become corporate products and generate revenue for both sides.

Formal transfer of patents, copyrights and other technologies through licensing agreements.
The mission of the Innovation and Technology Office is to help the staff of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology to protect and transfer FTMC technology to different communities (businesses) while generating revenue for research support.
The process of knowledge and technology transfer takes place in cycles. It starts with the disclosure of research results, the evaluation of their commercial exploitation, the protection of intellectual property, marketing and licensing of users, their selection, licensing, commercialization, and ending with royalty income which is further invested in new research.

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