Innovation and Technology Office

The Innovation and Technology Office is an administrative department of the State research institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, which assists in managing the intellectual property portfolio, participating in the commercialisation and transfer of the technologies developed at the Center, fostering entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation in academia. The Office also fosters cooperation and relationship between various stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem, such as academia, business and the general public.
The main tasks of the Office are:
  1. to organise and implement the legal protection and commercialisation of the intellectual assets created at the Center;
  2. to promote cooperation between the Center and business entities, foster technology transfer and innovation development in Lithuania.

For scientists, researchers and other inventors

For scientists, researchers and other inventors, we can offer advice and support from managers, lawyers and external experts on these matters:
  • Intellectual property and its management:
    • Training on intellectual property (patenting)
    • Management of invention disclosures
    • Preparing and filing patent applications
    • Patent portfolio management
    • Commercialisation of intellectual property: marketing / licensing / spin-of creation
    • Other issues related to the management of intellectual property rights

  • Science – business cooperation:
    • Marketing of the Center’s services
    • Search, mediation and negotiation with potential customers and business partners
    • Contract research and other services

  • Publicity and promotion of innovation:
    • Brainstorming sessions
    • Publicity events and representation of the Centre at exhibitions

For business and other entities

FTMC - your Research and Development partner >> Businesses and other entities can benefit from the Centre's expertise, contract research or collaborative research projects to develop innovative technological solutions on a one-stop shop basis:
  • Consultation and brainstorming with scientists in relevant fields
  • Design and development of new product concepts with research support
  • Analysis of an existing product or process and development of related technological solutions
  • Contract research, prototyping and laboratory services

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