The achievements of the scientific activities of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology have been successfully applied in the development of new businesses. A number of spin-off companies were born and strengthened at the junction of research results and entrepreneurship:

UAB 3DPRO  - produces prototypes from plastics and metal.
UAB Alanodas - manufactures functional coatings for plastic and metal products.
UAB Apertika - manufactures and constructs strong magnetic field measuring devices.
MB Biolabas - synthesizes organic materials for 3D printing.
MB Bioflavus - develops products in the fields of molecular biology, food chemistry, and health sciences.
UAB Elas - develops and manufactures laser devices for precision micro-processing.
UAB Erumpo - develops bio-chips for medical diagnostics.
UAB Ferentis - develops and manufactures materials for regenerative medicine research.
UAB If Optics - develops and produces fiber photonic systems and equipment.
UAB Luvitera - develops and manufactures terahertz photonics systems.
MB Mėgintuvėlis - provides chemistry teaching.
UAB Namperus LT - develops new generation batteries for electricity storage.
UAB Optomenas - develops and manufactures optical components for laser systems.
UAB Optronika - constructs and manufactures laser technology equipment.
MB Platformina - provide industry and academia with platforms for biomeluecule studies.
MB Probiomas - lyophilization technology for food production.
UAB Teravil - constructs and manufactures terahertz spectroscopy systems.