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10 years of Scientific Excellence and High-Tech Innovations

Every year at this time we have a tradition to look back into the past, as a rule, for a one-year period, to estimate and reconsider our scientific results, projects and high-tech innovations, to highlight the most significant achievements, progressive ideas and valuableattitudes. However, the Year 2020 is particular – we have reached the first significant milestone – the 10 Year Anniversary of FTMC. This fact inspired us to refresh our insights and turn back to our dim and distant past, into scientic roots (the Institute of Chemistry founded in 1945 and other institutes of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences), to re-examine our technological expertise, comprehensive know-how and assess versatile experience in catalysation of high-tech innovation-driven companies.
In 2010 we announced that Trailblazing should be our inherent feature. This spirit has driven us from the beginning of FTMC development — a difficult, hard and exceptionally busy period of unification of the former Institutes of Physics, Chemistry and Semiconductor Physics – and encouraged us to create synergies between different scientific activities with intention to generate and develop the high-tech business as well as stimulate knowledge-based economy in Lithuania. This feature underlines our distinction from the universities of the country.
The years 2015 and 2016 were enriched with exciting time due to the essential changes – the majority of scientific laboratories have moved to new buildings equipped with modern technological infrastructure in Sauletekio (Sunrise) avenue. The International Advisory Board consisting of scientists of the highest academic reputation and representatives of leading companies was formed to embrace extensive know-how and supplement international expertise. Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics, Sunrise Valley Technology and Innovation Center and LITEK cluster were created in Savanoriu Ave. 231 as a bridge between applied research and high-tech business.
The years 2017, 2018 and 2019 were full of intensive evolution in quality, both scientific and technological. FTMC has acted successfully as an efficient provider of high-tech services for international business and high-tech industry, developer of new prototypes and novel technologies. We have reconsidered our mission giving special emphasis on generation and capitalisation of scientific knowledge in applied physics, chemistry, and technological sciences promoting thus the evolution of the high-tech industry. We expressed our values – scientific excellence; versatility and flexibility; the broad but balanced spectrum of basic and applied research; knowledge and mind; effectiveness and networking – believing that it will bring us to success in attaining our ambitious aims.
Today it is my pleasure and obligation to inspire all of you for further hard and focused, persistent and honest work to improve ourselves aiming to extend limits of knowledge, smooth interfaces between different disciplines and induce paradigm-changing advances.
Gintaras Valušis,
Director of the Center
Gintaras Valušis