Photonic and Laser Technology

The activities of the Centre are thightly connected to Smart specialization Priority “Photonic and Laser Technology” tasks.  At the Laser Technology Department of the Centre ultrashort pulse lasers and laser technology equipment are investigated, and the manufacturing technologies of novel optical and optomechanical components are developed. Unique methods for materials processing with lasers as well as muiltilayer and nanostructured optical coatings for high power ultrafast lasers are created in the laboratories of the Department. On the other hand, the staff of the Optoelectronics Department is investigating and developing far- and mid-infrared range sources and detectors and the spectroscopy and imaging systems using these spectral ranges for the applications in scientific research, industry, biomedicine and security. Epitaxial technologies for fabrication of novel semiconducting materials and their quantum structures for optoelectronic and terahertz range devices are also being developed in the laboratories of this Department.
The scientists of the Electronic structure theory laboratory develop numerical quantum mechanical methods to study radiative and non-radiative processes in optoelectronic materials. Another important topic is the study of point defects in solids in view of their application in quantum technologies such as quantum communication and optically controlled quantum bits.

Department of Laser Technologies  (Head dr. G. Račiukaitis),
Department of Optoelectronics (Head prof. A. Krotkus),
Coherent Optics Laboratory (Head dr. S. Orlovas)
Electronic Structure Theory Laboratory (Head dr. A. Alkauskas)