Advanced materials and technologies

Advanced textile materials 

Multidisciplinary research opens new opportunities for the development of textile technologies, tailor-made solutions and products for high value applications. The results of the multidisciplinary researches can help the textile not only to ensure and support human well-being for leisure, active lifestyle and safety, but also make the applied textile friendlier for the surrounding environment. This can be done by combining a wide range of technological achievements in such areas as information technologies, mechatronics, advanced materials, bio - and nano - technologies. The research in textiles is mainly focused on textile materials with (multi)functional properties processed by plasma-chemical surface treatment, coating technologies and micro - and nano – finishing. Smart textile garments with active thermoregulation function by using bio-ceramics and PCM were developed. Garments with wearable electronics were investigated and prototype of smart heating T - shirts was produced. Protective clothing technologies based on numerical modelling of ballistic impact and heat exchange in garments were investigated as well. 

Department of Textile Technologies  (Head dr. Aušra Abraitienė );
Department of Textiles Physical – Chemical Testing  (Head dr. Vitalija Rubežienė)
Department of Textile Product‘s Technological Development  (Head dr. Laimutė Stygienė);
Department of Physical Technologies (Head dr. A. Šetkus)
Department of Functional Materials and Electronics (Head dr. N. Žurauskienė).