Department of Textile Technologies

Head of department dr. Aušra Abraitienė
dr. Aušra Abraitienėphone +37037308666

Scientists and other researchers of the Department of Textile Technologies carry out scientific research projects in textile technologies, gain new knowledge in the field of innovative textile technologies and create advanced manufacturing technologies and high added-value products using new fibers, new structures of materials and new textile finishing technologies. Applying interdisciplinary investigations and latest research methods, (multi)functional and smart textile materials and garments as well as personal protective technologies are investigated and created. The scientists work on the development of ecological textiles based on the application of new biodegradable fibers, intensification of technological processes and shortening of the production cycle. 



Low temperature plasma generating equipment Junior Plazma (Europlazma)
Textile surface modification with low pressure non-polymeric gas plasma


UV Excimer Lamp Modul, Heraeus Nobelight Ltd.)
- wavelength: 222 nm
- arc length: ca.330 mm
Textile surface modification by UV- excimer radiation.


Laboratory oven and steamer TFO S IM 350 (Roaches International Ltd.)
Drying and thermal treatment (up to 240 oC) of textile materials.


Laboratory padder EVP-350  (Roaches International Ltd.)
Treatment of textile materials by immersion into aqueous chemical solution.


Coating unit TFO 350 (Roaches International Ltd.)
The coating formulation with different textile grade polymer.


Fusing  machine Nova- 45 (Reliant Machinery Ltd.)
Connecting of two or more layers of textile material together with thermoplastic adhesive  at 70-240° C.


Laboratory dyeing machine Ahiba Niuance Eco (Datacolor)
Dyeing of textile materials at a temperature in the range20 -140°C.


Ballistic test stand
Ballistic test of body armour

    European Defence Agency Grant Agreement 800871, 2018.05 – 2021.05
    Consortium Agreement for the project April 18, 2018
    The project team is Aušra Abraitienė
    PROJECT  No. 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-02-0019. Head of the projectdr. Aušra Abraitienė

Most important publications
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  2. Skurkytė-Papievienė, Virginija; Abraitienė, Aušra; Sankauskaitė, Audronė; Rubežienė, Vitalija; Baltušnikaitė-Guzaitienė, Julija. Enhancement of the thermal performance of the paraffin-based microcapsules intended for textile applications. Polymers. ISSN 2073-4360. 2021, vol. 13, iss. 8, art. no. 1120, p. 1-16.
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