Department of Laser Technologies

dr. Gediminas RačiukaitisHead of department dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis
phone +370 5 2644868

The activities of the department of Laser Technologies includes Nanophotonics, Laser Science and Applications, the Development of Optical Component of Lasers, the Design of new Fiber and solid-state Lasers and their Application for Precise Material Processing. Our research focuses on the development of complex dielectric optical coatings, high-pulse energy fiber lasers, and amplifiers. Nonlinear interactions by generating harmonics or combining laser beams are used to increase laser power. High-average power solid state lasers excited by diodes with synchronized modes or modulated quality of solid-state lasers are developed for specialized technological applications. New interactions between laser radiation and materials are looking in order to develop and install laser microfabrication technologies for the modification of metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, as well as for the modification of thin layers of solar cells. Research is also being carried out by modeling, developing and characterizing nanophotonic structures, waveguides, and metamaterials for light control.



  • Development of microprocessing, modification, cutting, drilling, welding, laser surface and volume marking technologies by using short and ultrashort pulses lasers, and their implementation in industry;
  • Development of specialized solid-state and fiber lasers;
  • Design of dielectric optical coatings and production of small parties;
  • Modeling of waveguide and photonic crystal structures and light propagation in them;
  • Development of 3D technology and robotics


Laser microfabrication system MASTER DUO

  • Includes two laser sources (ps, fs);
  • up to 5 axes synchronous positioning system;
  • and advanced sensory solutions for real time processing control.

Ultra-short pulse laser PHAROS-6W-600kHz with second harmonic module

Ultra-short pulse generator ATLANTIC1064-SH/TH

Nanosecond laser Baltic1064HP with harmonic module

Nanosecond laser NL220

Scanning electron microscope JSM6490LV with EDS and WDS

Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater Q150T ES

Profilometer Dektak 150

Optical micrsocope OLYMPUS BX51TF

Optical micrsocope LV100D

Fiber welding machine FUJIKURA FSM‐45PM‐LDF

Fiber welding machine FUJIKURA FSM‐100P

Fiber and glass processing machine VYTRAN GPX‐3400

Spectrum analyzer Ando AQ6315E

Spectrum analyzer Yokogawa AQ6373

CNC milling machine Haas Super Mini Mill 2

Osciloscope Tektronix DPO 3032 300MHz

Steak camera for registration of ultrafast processes C5680-22 Hamamatsu

Oscilloscope DSO5034A Agilent Technologies 300MHz

Signal / Spectrum Analyzer Agilent Technologies CXA N9000A

Oscilloscope Tektronix DSA8200

Fast oscilloscope TEKTRONIX DPO7200 4C (20 GHz, 100 GS/s)

Wave front curve sensor WFS150‐SC

Beam profilometer Spiricon SP-620U


Ion beam sputtering device (IBS, IBS@LAB)

Electron beam deposition device (e-beam, VERA-1100)

Magnetron sputtering device (MS, Kurt J. Lesker PVD 225)

Ultrasonic cleaner device (UCS-40)

Atomic force microscope Nanowizard 3

Atomic layer depostition device 


SOI Nanophotonics characterization stand

Coputer workstation (two i7 CPU)

  • Eurostars project SLAM-HELP (G. Račiukaitis) 2016-2019

  • LMT NMP „Towards future technologies“ project „Formation of bio-inspired functional surfaces for space applications by hybrid laser-chemical processing technology“, FUNSPACE (M. Gedvilas) 2016-2018

  • LMT NMP „Towards future technologies“ project „New generation high-luminous compact laser emitter for advanced space applications and research“, NUCLEFASAR (A. Baltuška)

  • LMT NMP „Towards future technologies“ project „Nonlinear combination of pulsed lasers and generation of laser pulse trains with controllable parameters“, (K. Regelskis)

Most important publications
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