Optical Coatings Laboratory

Head of the laboratory dr. Lina Grinevičiūtė

The Optical Coatings Laboratory conducts scientific and technological activities aimed at the formation of thin layers for optical and laser applications, the development of various optical elements and the optimization of their characteristics. Laboratory improved coating technology is classified as a physical vapor deposition process. It is ion beam and magnetron sputtering and electron beam evaporation.

The main scientific and technological trends of the laboratory are developed:

  • Formation of optical layers with intended microstructure and properties,
  • Investigation of the influence of coating technology parameters on the optical-spectral and physical characteristics of the formed layers,
  • Reducing losses in optical coatings,
  • Increasing the resistance of optical elements to laser radiation,
  • Optimization of negative dispersion optical coatings for ultrathin laser pulses,
  • Formation of metallic-dielectric coatings.

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