Department of Nanoengineering


Potentiostats/galvanostats with and without impedance module for low currents. Facility of AFM in situ with electrochemical measurements.

  • „Towards Future Technologies“, program Project No. LAT-11/2016 „Graphene supercapacitor powered FET all carbon circuit for sensing applications“, head of project dr. Gvidas Astromskas, 2016 04 01 – 2018 12 31. The goal of the project is development of supercapacitor and its integration together with transistor and sensor. All parts of the circuit are constructed from carbon materials.
  • „Researhers teams‘ projects“ Project No. S-MIP-17-13 „Study of the regenerative potencial and mechanoptosis of the human heart-derived primacy cardiospheres“, head of project dr. Ramūnas Valiokas, 2018 01 02 – 2018 12 31.
  • European Regional Development Fund measure 01.2.2-LMT-K-718 „Targeted Research in Smart Specialisation Areas“ Project No. DOTSUT-221, head of project dr. Martynas Gavutis, 2017 12 19 – 2021 12 31.
Most important publications
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