Functional Nanomaterials laboratory

Head of the laboratory prof. dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė 
phone +370 5 2644866prof. dr. Rasa pauliukaitė

Laboratory of Functional Nanomaterials performs investigations in a few directions:

  1. Development of new composites of functional nanomaterials and their electrochemical investigation;
  2. Development of conducting polymers from natural monomers and their investigation;
  3. Development of electrochemical sensors for medical, food analysis, and other applications employing natural polymers and graphene;
  4. Electrochemical investigations of cell metabolites.

Mission of the Laboratory is development of electrochemical sensors using naturally abundant compounds. A new methodology was created for the development of minimised biosensors for ascorbate, glucose, glutamate, cholesterol and hypoxanthine in food and beverages in the Laboratory. Electrochemically polymerised B-group vitamins were used together with graphene flakes. Miniaturised sensors were fabricated employing laser lithography on graphene-chitosan composite glass. Furthermore, an extremely stable biosensor for glutamate was obtained on conventional glassy carbon electrode using polymerised riboflavin.

Researchers in the Laboratory of Functional Nanomaterials also specialise in electrochemical investigations of think films and nanocomposites for electroanalysis. Micro- and nanostructured electrode surfaces are used for these investigations.