Department of Environmental Research

Head of department dr. Steigvilė Byčenkienė
phone +370 5 264 1954, +370 682 62087


The Department of Environmental research focuses on challenge-oriented approach and solutions that bring together natural sciences, which underpin the understanding, development and application of technologies to deliver a sustainable future. The main focus is directed to the research of chemical compositions of non-refractory submicron aerosol particles using mass-spectrometry methods, the processes that control aerosol formation and evolution, as well as impacts of the changing atmospheric composition on air quality, human health, climate change and ecosystems.
The department of Environmental Research is also involved in creating and developing methods, experimental means and technologies for monitoring changes of climate and ecosystems as well as for creating safer and healthy environment. The Department is actively engaged in a wide range of topics covering the role and importance of aerosol science across a wide range of applied fields. By conducting fundamental and applied research, we work on long-term solutions for major challenges facing science, society and industry. The research studies aims to explore the developments in experimental techniques for aerosol studies with the ultimate goal of promoting development towards modern environmental-friendly technologies suitable in the vicinity of nuclear facilities and environmental science technologies based on radionuclide methods.


To develop and improve principles, means and technologies of the environment quality evaluation and to ensure the scientific competence in the field of the environmental physics and chemistry, environment contamination and climate changes.


  • Development of technologies and equipment for the environment protection quality control as well as methods and experimental basis in the environmental research, investigation of micro-admixture dynamics and balance in the environment components as well as for the characterization of the impact of the environment contamination on the climate change.
  • Evaluation of efficient instrumentation and assessment methods for characterization of the impact of industry, transport and consumer sector on the environment quality by combining of spectrometry methods of the aerosol particle mass and sizes as well as the investigation of physical-chemical aspects of the aerosol particle formation. 

Environmental Physics and Chemistry Laboratory
Aerosol chemical speciation monitor ACSM  
Scanning mobility particle sizer TSI 3936 (SMPS)
Sub-micrometer particle sizer (SMPS)
Aerosol generator TSI 3076
Aerodynamic aerosol spectrometer (APS) TSI 3321 
Electrospray aerosol generator TSI 3480
Condensational aerosol counter CPC UF-02
Aethalometer (Magee Scientific) EA31 7
Integrating Nephelometer TSI 3563

Portable industrial combustion and

emission analyser Eurotron GreenLine 8000
Air Flow Calibrator Gilibrator-2  
Mass Flowmeter TSI 4040
Spectrophotometer SPECORD 210 PLUS
Ion chromatograph DIONEX 2010i
Ozone analyser O341M

Atmospheric Pollution Research Laboratory

Aerosol Mass Spectrometer, AMS
Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer, ICP-MS
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Zeeman – 3030, AAS

Atomic Absorption Mercury Vapor Analyzer, GARDIS – 5 (Developed by FTMC, Department of Environmental Research)

Mercury Vapor Dosimeter, GA – 730 (Developed by FTMC, Department of Environmental Research)

Automated Aerosol Particle Analyzer, FH62-IR
Specific Purpose Automatic Metrological Station, SPAMS
Radiochemistry Laboratory

Water purification systems:

  • Milli-Q Synthesis A10
  • Elix 3       

Millipore centrifuges:

  • Sigma 4-15
  • Eppendorf 5804
pH meter WTW 450
Analyzer inolab/Multi Level 1 WTW
Millipore membrane filtration unit with a 240 mm holder
Gamma-ray spectrometer (relative efficacy - 42%, resolution - 9.1 keV/1:33 Mev, Genie 2000 software, alpha spectrometers, low background alpha-beta counter (Emberline FHT 770 T MULTI-LEVEL LOW-COUNTER)
High pressure liquid chromatograph Milichrom
  • 2014-2020 Operational Programme for the European Union Funds Invesments in Lithuania European Social Fund Cohesion, priority axis 1, straingthening research and development and inovation, Competence Center for the Development and Design of Innovative Environmentally Friendly Facilities, VGTU, 2020.04.20 - 2023.04.30, project part leader dr. S. Byčenkienė

  • Research Council of Lithuania Researcher groups projects "Contribution of outdoor air pollution to indoor air quality and inhaled deposited dose", 150 000 Eur, 2020.03.10 - 2022.12.31, project leader dr. S. Byčenkienė

  • COST CA Action DAMOCLES "Understanding and modeling compound climate and weather events“, Nr. CA17109, 2018.09.14. – 2022.09.13, project part leader dr. S. Byčenkienė.

  • COST CA Action project COLOSSAL „Chemical OnLine cOmpoSition and Source Apportionment of fine aerosoL“, Nr. CA16109, 2017.03.03 – 2021.03.02, project part leader dr. V. Ulevičius
  • “Assessment of atmospheric pollution emissions and forecast as well as assessment of anthropogenic pollution levels and critical loads of ecosystems”, 2016.12.28 – 2018.12.18, Environmental Protection Agency, 70 000 EUR, project leader dr. V. Ulevičius.
  • „Assessment of transboundary air pollution from other countries impact on overall Lithuanian air basin pollution levels“ No. 28TP-2016-99, Environmental protection agency, 2017 – 2019, project leader dr. D. Jasinevičienė.
  • National Research Programme “Sustainability of agro-, forest and water ecosystems” project FOREstRESS “Integrated effect of climate and other environmental stresses on forest capacity to adapt to and mitigate the main threats of global changes” No. SIT-3/2015 (2100-P298), (2015 - 2018), Research Council of Lithuania, 72 105 EUR, project part leader dr. V. Ulevičius.
Most important publications
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