Experimental Nuclear Physics Laboratory

Head of laboratory dr. Artūras Plukis
phone +370 5 2661654

Fundamental and applied nuclear physics research, nuclear and radiation safety analysis are performed in the Laboratory of Experimental Nuclear Physics. The activities are mostly concentrated on numerical analysis and experimental measurements of generation of radionuclides and mechanism of their transportation through engineering barriers, evaluation of safety and reliability of radioactive waste management technology application, implementation of new techniques for material analysis and modification.


  • Optimization of nuclear facility radioactive waste RW management based on scientifically approved and environmentally – friendly technology, applying grouping and separation of RW by using including modeling and experimental research of nuclide content of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. Improvement and application of scaling factor (nuclide vector) methods – introduction of assumptions for reduction of conservatism of currently used nuclide vectors for RW characterization.   
  • Development of ion beam methods for material structure and properties (optical, electrical and magnetic) modification and analysis (RBS, PIXE), development of nuclear spectroscopy methods and their application for environmentally safe devices and technologies. Development new radiation detection materials with predicted characteristics by using smart materials and composite structures.
  • Research of kinetics in organic compounds with high quantum luminescence efficiency stimulated by high linear energy transfer particles (neutrons or protons) and photons. Development of new systems for low background particle detection. Analysis of processes in dedicated systems by numerical modelling.
  • Development of ion implantation methods taking into account post-implantation processing peculiarities associated with new material and complex structures modification technology and its implementation in the Lithuania high tech enterprises.