Ionizing Radiation Metrology Laboratory

Head of the laboratory  dr. Arūnas Gudelis,
phone +370 52644855

The Ionizing Radiation Metrology Laboratory maintains the national standard complex in the field of the fundamental SI quantity – the radionuclide activity – by realizing the unit (s-1), which has a special name becquerel (Bq). Realizing the becquerel is achieved by the primary and secondary methods depending on the following characteristics of the ionizing radiation: energy (from 1 keV to 7.5 MeV), type of radiation (alpha-, beta- particles, gamma-radiation and X-rays), activity level (from 100 mBq to 70 GBq), decay properties (pure beta-decay, electron capture, single or multi photons emitted per nucleus decay). IRML disseminates cost effective measurement infrastructure for Lithuania by organizing comparisons.