Material science and corrosion laboratory

Head of laboratory: dr. Konstantinas Leinartas  
phone +370 5  266 1290

Main research directions:

  • Formation of light metal alloys (Mg, Al, Ti) with Nb, Zr, Cr and others, 
  • by means of magnetron sputtering. Deposition of ultra-thin protective coatings by ALD on conventional and magnetron sputtered alloys. Structure, morphology characterization of the formed alloys and composites; corrosion behavior research in electrolytes and atmosphere.
  • Modification of the surface of monocrystalline silicon with Cu, Ag, Au particles by means of physical and electrochemical methods. Research of photoelectrochemical and catalytical properties of modified Si surface.
  • Research and synthesis of composites for electrochemical supercapacitors based on Co and Ru on various substrates.

Services available:Corrosion testing of metals, alloys, composite coatings, paints and varnishes in natural and artificial atmosphere using standardized methods. Expert corrosion damage and corrosion resistance assessment in accredited laboratory.