Semiconductor Optics Laboratory

Head of the laboratory dr. Vytautas Karpus
phone +370 5 2627122dr. Vytautas karpus

The main goal of the laboratory is research of the electronic structure of solids. The main experimental techniques employed are the spectroscopic ellipsometry, various modulation spectroscopy techniques, and Fourier-transform spectroscopy.

The laboratory specializes in:

  • Investigations of quantum semiconductor structures, the InAs/GaAs-based quantum wells, quantum dots, quantum rods and rings, by modulation spectroscopy and PL techniques in the temperature range  4–300 K.
  • Investigations of the optical response of new semiconductor materials, GaBiAs and InGaAsBi heterostructures, and nonpolar ZnO thin films.
  • Investigations of the electronic structure of ZnMgRe quasicrystals and their crystalline cognates.