Semiconductor Optics Laboratory

Head of the laboratory dr. Saulius Tumėnas
phone: +370 5 2627122

The main goal of the laboratory is research of the electronic structure of solids. The main experimental techniques employed are the spectroscopic ellipsometry, various modulation spectroscopy techniques, and Fourier-transform spectroscopy.

The laboratory specializes in:

  • Investigations of quantum semiconductor structures, the InAs/GaAs-based quantum wells, quantum dots, quantum rods and rings, by modulation spectroscopy and PL techniques in the temperature range  4–300 K.
  • Investigations of the optical response of new semiconductor materials, GaBiAs and InGaAsBi heterostructures, and nonpolar ZnO thin films.
  • Investigations of the electronic structure of ZnMgRe quasicrystals and their crystalline cognates.