Isotopic Research Laboratory

Head of laboratory Dr. Andrius Garbaras
The Isotopic Research Laboratory conducts research related to the application of the of stable isotope methods related to environmental sciences, biology and material sciences.
  • Studies on the chemical and isotopic composition of atmospheric micro-impurities
  • Identification of the origin of substances by isotopic methods
  • Isotopic methods application in archaeology, geology
  • Isotopic and chromatographic methods application in biology and ecology
  • Measurements of δ13C, δ15N, δ34S ratios in solid and liquid samples; measurements of the ratio of δ13C and δ18O in carbonates; δ18O measurements in solid samples and water;
  • Measurements of amino- and fatty acids δ13C, δ15N by chromatography method (compound specific isotope analysis).

Scientific staff: