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2021. 11. 19 -

Radiofrequency energy harvesting system for powering IoT sensors

The joint work of scientists and entrepreneurs is becoming an innovation.
By complementing each other, professionals in their fields can achieve the best results. An excellent example of this is the remote microwave energy harvesting module developed by the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) and MB Enbela, designed to power the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.
The project team has developed an innovative device - a wireless heat flux sensor that facilitates quality control of renovated buildings. It measures the flow of heat energy exiting the outer walls. The main feature of this system is a wireless power supply. Radiofrequency harvester converts microwave energy of WiFi range into direct electric current, which powers a microcontroller that records heat flux.
The proposed wireless power harvesting system is also viable for other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. WiFi router transmitted microwaves enable charging and scanning various sensors for monitoring the quality of the living environment, avoiding wiring or worrying about replacing their batteries.
Read more (in Lithuanian): delfi.lt.