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2024. 03. 28 -

Clothes of the future: project of the FTMC Textile Technology Department nominated at an international innovation event

FTMC researchers, designer Seržas Gandžumianas with self-degrading garments. Photo: Domantas Jakaitis
13-14 June this year the Eureka Global Innovation Summit 2024 will take place. It will select the most successful Eureka Innovation 2021-2023 research project. The projects will be judged by a panel and the winner will be announced at the event.
We are delighted that the Research Council of Lithuania has nominated the project "Eco-design leisure clothes from natural and biodegradable fibers based on the principles of the circular economy" by the FTMC Department of Textile Technologies to represent Lithuania.
In this project, researchers from this Department, together with the renowned sustainable fashion designer Seržas Gandžumianas, have developed a collection of eco-friendly leisurewear at 2022.
Congratulations to our colleagues and best wishes for victory!
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