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2024. 03. 05 -

Recycled tires will be turned into eco-friendly acoustic plates

Chemist Dr. Tadas Matijošius and FTMC Innovation Manager Karolis Stašys. Photo: FTMC
A new step towards a greener future: FTMC contributes to an innovative project that will benefit the construction and finishing industry. This will be done with waste tires.
"A few years ago, our colleague from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Dr. Svajus Asadauskas, led the research - together with business partners from the construction sector and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), he was developing a new tire recycling technology that can be used for the production of sound absorbing plates," says Karolis Stašys, Innovation Manager at FTMC.
S. Asadauskas's work is continued today by chemist Dr. Tadas Matijošius, and the idea has gained momentum. A new generation of plates has already been developed through a joint effort between science and business - they are environmentally friendly, have excellent sound absorbtion properties and can be used to replace the current expensive and unsustainable solutions in the construction and finishing industry.
"We, FTMC, have developed a technology to better recycle tires, VILNIUS TECH has studied the physical properties of the plates, and now our business partners are preparing for the mass production of a new product," says K. Stašys.
Avago UAB writes briefly about this innovation. Read the report (in Lithuanian) clicking on the following link.
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