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2023. 08. 31 -

FTMC researchers to take part in a new international project funded by the European Defence Fund

Photo: FTMC

FTMC researchers from the Departments of Textile Technologies and Physical Technologies have received a welcoming news: funding for a new European Defence Fund (EDF) project ACROSS (Adaptive Camouflage for soldiers and vehicles) has been approved.

The research under this project aims to improve existing technologies for the development of adaptive camouflage for land-based systems (soldiers and vehicle platforms) by using innovative materials and to develop camouflage systems providing protection in a wide range of spectral ranges (UV, visible, IR, radar).

The international ACROSS project involves 18 partners from 9 European countries - Portugal, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Lithuania. Lithuania is represented in this project by FTMC.

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