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2023. 04. 03 -

Interesting facts about FTMC: the musical piece "Moments of Inertia"

March 15, 2016 was a special day in Sunrise Valley.
On that day, two science centers were opened - the Life Sciences Center (GMC) and the National Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (NFTMC). The latter not only started operating modern FTMC laboratories, but also hosted the major CERN exhibition "CERN: Accelerating Science", which received over 10,000 visitors in four months. Additionally, a physics-themed collectible coin was presented by the Bank of Lithuania, which was sold out instantly.
On that occasion, Andrius Šiurys, a composer of contemporary electroacoustic music, wrote a piece "Moments of Inertia", which he performed live in the lobby of the new FTMC building with Rusnė Mataitytė (violin) and Austėja Valušytė (piano).
Rusnė Mataitytė, Austėja Valušytė, Andrius Šiurys
It is symbolic that the piece features audio excerpts from interviews with famous physicists such as Paul Dirac, William Shockley, Stephen Hawking, and John Archibald Wheeler.
You can listen to a recording of this work right here!