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2024. 07. 01 -

UPLAMP 2024 summer school

Laserist Dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis, one of the organisers and lecturers of the UPLAMP 2024. Photo: FTMC

Dear laser microfabrication professionals and students,

Department of Laser Technologies (FTMC) is organizing the third UPLAMP summer school!

Every enthusiastic student and young researcher working in ultra-short pulse laser application in material processing is encouraged to participate in this international school with world-recognized lectors and exciting excursions!

Visit Vilnius (Lithuania), gain knowledge and share your experience on July 1-6, 2024!

The participation fee is 500 €, which includes:

• Recognized lectors

• Fascinating science and applications

• Lunches and coffee breaks

• Exciting social program

• Accommodation in the hotel in the very Centre of Vilnius (June 30-July 7)!

The registration is closed.

More information: uplamp.ftmc.lt and conference@ftmc.lt

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