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2022. 10. 28 -

The Belgian King Philippe visit to FTMC will boost bilateral cooperation

This week the Belgian royal couple King Philippe and Queen Mathilde came to Lithuania for the official state visit and visited biotechnology research institutions located in Saulėtekio Valley.
During the visit in the Centre of Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), the director of the center prof. Gintaras Valušis presented the activities and competences of FTMC in the fields of scientific research and high technology development. Later a short excursion was arranged and the guests visited the Spectrometry Laboratory of FTMC Nuclear Research Department, Optoelectronics Department and Optical Coherence Tomography Laboratory, where prof. Vidmantas Remeikis, dr. Linas Minkevičius, dr. Egidijus Auksorius told about the activities of these units. The Kingo f Belgium Philippe and Queen Mathilde took a special interest in the research of the FTMC Spectrometry Laboratory and the objects prepared for scientific investigation there.
"We are really glad that such noble guests visited our centre. Belgium is a very strong country scientifically and with a very similar scientific system to ours. Therefore, during this visit, the King and the Queen were interested in the science and acivities carried out by FTMC and our high-tech companies. Belgium has a huge experience in this field, so the honored guests were interested to learn how do we work, how do we try to transform and turn scientific knowledge into products and services. The King and his accompanying delegation were concerned with both intellectual property issues and the existence of scientific parks, which ensure that hi-tech companies can successfully develop their activities. We hope that this visit will lead to cooperation with our sister center IMEC, which is a flagship of silicon technology. Meanwhile, FTMC's strength is in photonics. Therefore, combining these two high-tech competencies would be a guaranteed leap forward in the smart chip industry on the scale of all Europe. Because this is one of those technologies, currently relevant to the whole world, which is being talked about from Taiwan to the USA,"  - said the head of FTMC prof. G. Valušis.
The King’s Philippe and Queen’s Mathilde visit to FTMC and other scientific institutions is part of a state visit to honor the century-long bilateral relations and solidarity between Lithuania and Belgium.
Photos: Justinas Auškelis, Katažyna Polubinska