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2024. 05. 14 -

In memory of Prof. Audrius Alkauskas: former colleagues have published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics

Prof. Dr. Audrius Alkauskas. Photo from personal Twitter (X) account
One year ago from today, physicist Prof. Dr. Audrius Alkauskas, one of the most renowned scientists in his field, passed away. To honour his memory and review his contribution to the world of science, former colleagues of Audrius from abroad and Lithuania published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics.
Dr. Lukas Razinkovas, a friend of A. Alkauskas, senior researcher at the FTMC Department of Fundamental Research and one of the authors of the publication, tells us about it:
"Professor Dr. Audrius Alkauskas' contribution to theoretical materials science and semiconductor physics remains extremely important. His work in the theoretical analysis of point defects in crystals, in the development of theoretical methods and in their applications has raised the bar for research and opened up new scientific perspectives.
Audrius Alkauskas was one of the world's foremost experts in the field of electronic-phononic defect interaction research. His work not only covers important issues in materials science, but also includes a new and growing field in which defects are studied as systems suitable for the development of modern quantum technologies such as quantum computing, quantum metrology and quantum communication.
This new publication provides an opportunity to explore the life work of Prof. Dr. Audrius Alkauskas and his significant achievements in the world of science. We are grateful for his contribution to Lithuanian and world science, which will inspire future generations of researchers."
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