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2023. 03. 17 -

FTMC Annual Report 2022 is now available online

"Despite all challenges and changes around, the Year 2022 was an important step in evolution of FTMC in scientific, innovation and project activity aspects.

Scientifically, the year was thriving – of totally more than 300 international publications, more than 250 articles were published in highly-ranked scientific journals; 13 national and international patents and their applications were issued; 17 PhD students successfully defended their theses, while number of PhDs was further increasing and reached 121 currently," says FTMC Director prof. Gintaras Valušis in his Message.

(Editorial board: dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė, dr. Evaldas Tornau, dr. Kristina Plauškaitė-Šukienė, Rasa Kromkutė. The publication was organised by Rasa Kromkutė)