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2023. 11. 24 -

The Lithuanian Quantum Technologies Association is established

Photo: LKTA
The Lithuanian Quantum Technologies Association (LKTA) is established on 22 November. The Association will bring together scientific and business organisations working to develop quantum technologies in Lithuania and to increase international competitiveness.
The founding members of the Association are three organisations - Vilnius University (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics together with the Faculty of Physics), Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) and the information technology company Novian Technologies.
The founding meeting of the Association approved the Articles of Association, and the members of the Board of Directors - experienced specialists in the field - were elected for a three-year term of office. Dr. Tadas Paulauskas, representing FTMC, was elected as the head of the Association, Gytis Umantas, representing Novian Technologies, was elected as the President, and Dr. Remigijus Paulavičius, representing Vilnius University, was elected as the Vice President.
"The priorities and tasks of the Lithuanian Quantum Technologies Association are related to the determined ambition to develop the field of quantum technologies in the country. We will focus on the growth of science and industry to create a favourable environment for the development of new technologies and innovation. In addition, we will seek to strengthen Lithuania's international cooperation, which will enable knowledge sharing and the development of joint projects," says Dr. Paulauskas.
(Dr. Tadas Paulauskas. Photo from personal archive)
Dr. Paulavičius adds that one of the aims of the association is "to promote high quality studies to train qualified professionals in the field of quantum technologies. This will be one of the core missions of Vilnius University in this association."
Umantas believes that it is important to create a strong ecosystem: "We will strive for the association to act as a unifying element, bringing together the knowledge, competences and resources of advanced Lithuanian technology companies, universities, research institutes, national defence and public sector institutions for the development of quantum technologies and research, and for the creation and implementation of new technological solutions."
The Association will promote the creation of quantum technology business incubators and will seek to enable the development of start-up companies that will apply quantum technology solutions in their activities. It will also aim to raise public awareness of quantum technologies and their impact on national development.
The Lithuanian Quantum Technology Association invites all interested organisations and professionals to join the Association and contribute to the creation of opportunities for new solutions and advances in quantum technologies.
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