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2024. 05. 08 -

FTMC continues scientific cooperation with the largest water management company in Lithuania

Photo: FTMC
Continuing scientific cooperation with Vilniaus vandenys, the largest water management company in Lithuania, FTMC representatives (FTMC innovation managers Karolis Stašys, Irina Fiodorova, PhD, Mantas Skaržinskas with FTMC chemist Kasparas Kižys) once again visited the main sewage treatment plant in Vilnius near Gariūnai.
Together with Vilniaus vandenys' scientific experts we discussed the process of producing methane from wastewater and the challenges it poses, got a more detailed insight into all the steps of wastewater treatment and took new samples.
With these samples, we will continue our research in the FTMC laboratories, which we hope will open up wider possibilities to generate more renewable energy!
(Vilnius sewage treatment plant. Photo: FTMC)
FTMC information
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