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2023. 09. 21 -

Next-generation sensor development moves forward: technology unveiled at prestigious event

From left: biochemist Dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė, PhD student Kotryna Gasiulytė and Prakseda Mineikienė. Photo: FTMC
Life Sciences Baltics, the largest life sciences forum in the Baltic region, continues in Vilnius, where our researchers offer their innovations.
The photo shows the joint team of FTMC and the start-up Innosensus. From left: biochemist Dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė, PhD student Kotryna Gasiulytė and co-founder of Innosensus Prakseda Mineikienė.
The team is presenting at the event its development of a fast and user-friendly biosensor that will detect the amount of gluten present in dishes. The hope is to help those with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.
A prototype made by FTMC is already running in the laboratory and is being refined and scaled down. It is expected to soon be one of the most comfortable and elegant solutions in the world!
 "We were asked to develop a fast sensor that is easy to use. For example, a person orders a pizza, picks up the sensor, pokes it at the pizza ingredients and checks for gluten. [...]
In the final version, the sensor will have to be attached to something like a stopper - you put a slice of pizza in the solution and wait for the result to come out," says Dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė, project scientific leader.
Learn more by clicking the link of FTMC podcast (in Lithuanian) or innovation website.
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