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2023. 06. 20 -

Lithuanian and foreign students tackle environmental issues

Vilnius International Project Olympiad (VILIPO) took place on 12-15 May 2023 at FTMC. The motto of the competition is "Young Minds, Sustainable Solutions". The event addresses environmental challenges.
This is the third consecutive year that VILIPO has been organised in Lithuania. The competition brought together Lithuanian and foreign students aged 14 to 19.
They were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals for their projects. The winners are divided into three categories and their names can be found on VILIPO website.
The idea is to showcase scientific and artistic projects by students from different countries on topical environmental, energy and engineering problems.
The aim of the competition is to encourage students to become aware of global environmental issues, environmental sustainability and to find solutions to these problems using science, technology, engineering, robotics, programming and the arts.
(Photos: VILIPO. Find more here)
VILIPO is organised by VIMS - Vilnius International Meridian School, in cooperation with Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius University, Vilnius Lyceum and Vilnius Žirmūnai Gymnasium.
VILIPO and FTMC information
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