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2024. 05. 27 -

FTMC Running Club participated in the Vilnius Half Marathon

From left: Dr. Renata Butkutė, Tomas Mockaitis, Šarūnas Mačiulis, Dr. Tomas Javorskis, Dr. Monika Skruodienė, Dr. Elena Golubewa, Dr. Simona Streckaitė, Yaraslau Padrez, Dr. Povilas Šimonis and Dr. Dominykas Juknelevičius. Photo: FTMC
"Būk išradingas" ("Be inventive!") - is the motto on the FTMC Running Club T-shirt. Our colleagues tried out their strength and this outfit in another huge running event - If Vilnius Half Marathon 2024.
On Saturday, more than 5,000 participants were running, including more than 10 FTMC RC members, who, bathed in the refreshing rain, all successfully completed the 21, 10 or 5 km distance.
Congratulations to our active colleagues! Thank you for your inspirational examples - and let's achieve new victories in running and science!
Photos from FTMC staff personal archives:
Zilvinas ir Egidijus-2de70f3fd4478f2a50b488a8ef555d9a.jpg
2024. 03. 01 - FTMC scientists took 1st and 3rd place in the Vilnius Higher Education Table Tennis Tournament! Dr. Ž. Ežerinskis and Dr. E. Auksorius took part in such competitions for the first time.
Krosas 0-b5c60a386645a4cc498619c3e15847d7.jpg
2024. 02. 29 - FTMC Winter Cross: three higher education institutions come together for the first time Employees of FTMC, VU and VILNIUS TECH took part in the run.