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2023. 11. 16 -

FTMC participates in the international space technology exposition

Karolis Stašys. Photo: FTMC
Space Tech Expo Europe, the largest space technology exhibition in Europe, is taking place in Bremen, Germany, 14-16 November. It brings together European and global space industry representatives to present their products and themselves.
FTMC is participating in the exhibition, along with ten other Lithuanian institutions.
"This is important for Lithuania and for our Center, as we are trying to reach out to the space industry in our efforts to be a high-tech country. It is important for us to show that Lithuania is keeping up with other countries and that it is a potentially strong player in this field.
This is just the very beginning, and we are taking the first steps here. However, it is a long and interesting road towards acclaim and a great opportunity to strengthen our country's position in the market.
Many of the technologies and research we offer can contribute to the development of the space industry in Lithuania and the world," says Karolis Stašys, Innovation and Project Manager at FTMC, who is participating in the event.
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