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2023. 10. 26 -

FTMC Mobile laboratory to study air pollution in a school

Scientists from the Department of Environmental Research install a mobile air pollution laboratory at a school in Vilnius. Photo: Lina Davulienė
The mobile laboratory for pollution measurements of the Department of Environmental Research is now working! Its aim is to carry out long-term indoor air quality studies in one of Lithuanian schools as part of the Horizon Europe project EDIAQI.
As an institution, school has always been a second home for children, where they spend most of their time indoors (almost 12% of their total life time). The main aim of the school is to provide an optimal environment for children to learn and develop. Good indoor air quality in classrooms is very important as it can affect the health, performance, alertness and ability to concentrate of pupils and teachers. All the conditions that determine the quality of the indoor environment in classrooms have an impact on children's learning progress and cognitive performance.
Dr. Sebastian Düsing from the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) came to help the project partners start the measurements. The project will investigate the number concentration and size distribution of aerosol particles in indoor and outdoor air, as well as the sources of pollution that determine their mass, size, quantity and chemical composition over a 24-hour period.
(Scientists from the Department of Environmental Research install a mobile air pollution laboratory at a school in Vilnius. Photo: Lina Davulienė)
The contribution of different sources of outdoor air pollution to indoor air quality will also be determined. The data will also be provided by small sensors, twelve of which will be installed in the school for one year. In parallel, microplastics in the air will also be analysed.
It is estimated that the average person spends about 90% of their time in private and public enclosed spaces. Whether you are working, studying, sleeping, shopping or eating, most of your activities take place indoors, e.g. at home, in schools, at the workplace or on public transport.
Are you aware of the air quality in your area?
Mobile Laboratory Platform - LMT Research Groups Project (Contract No. S-MIP-22-57), supervisor: dr. Simonas Kecorius
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