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2023. 11. 21 -

FTMC smart vest among the first inventions in Lithuania to receive European Unitary Patent

The smart vest made by FTMC researchers. Photo: FTMC
The European Unitary Patententered into force in 17 EU countries (including Lithuania) on 1 June.
Until now, if you wanted to register your invention in some EU country, you had to apply separately to that country's patent office. This was time-consuming and costly. But from summer 2023, the procedure has become simpler: the European Unitary Patent is inexpensively granted and immediately effective in all EU countries that have adopted the new order.
Among the first two organisations in Lithuania to receive such a new patent is the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). The useful invention (which may even save lives) was developed by a joint team from the Department of Textile Technologies (Dr. Aušra Abraitienė, Dr. Diana Kubilienė, Dr. Martynas Šapurov, Remigijus Bučas) and the Department of Functional Materials and Electronics (Aldas Dervinis, Dr. Vytautas Bleizgys and Prof. Dr. Algirdas Baškys).
The invention is titled "System and Method for Personal Thermal Comfort". It is an improved piece of clothing for people who work in conditions of extreme heat or cold - for example, soldiers, road workers, industrial workers near large furnaces, etc.
The authors of the idea say that overheating is a common risk when working in extreme conditions. A human body core temperature is typically ≈ 37 °C and during exercise and exposure to heat an increase of body core temperature more than 3 °C can cause overheating following by possible serious health problems.
The opposite situation can happen when working in extremely cold conditions, in which case it is also necessary to maintain an optimal body temperature.
(The smart vest made by FTMC researchers. Photo: FTMC)
So FTMC researchers have developed a prototype vest designed to cool or heat the wearer's chest and back areas depending on the outside temperature, while preventing moisture from forming between the vest and the body. The thermoregulation of this vest is based on the principle of integrating smart electronics components into a breathable mesh structure.
The system works by the forced air flow through specially designed soft textile perforated channels. The vest can be worn as a stand-alone garment or in combination with another special purpose or protective product, such as a soldier's vest, motorcyclists' clothing, industrial workers' clothing etc.
Another European Unitary Patent patent goes to Kaunas University of Technology for the ice jig with flashing light use in fishing for predatory fish. According to AAA Law, although there are various electronic jigs on the market, this one is special thanks to the technological solutions applied and is distinguished by its very long operating time when fishing and the extremely low environmental pollution caused by the sinking of the jig.
FTMC and AAA Law information
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