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2021. 02. 05 -

FTMC signed the Memorandum with EC Joint Research Center on participation in the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), the largest scientific research and technology institution in the Baltic States is expanding its involvement in international networks in order to innovate and commercialize research results. Last year FTMC became a member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) in Brussels and this year joined the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle (TTO).
TTO Circle
European TTO was established in 2014 and brings together key members of EARTO -   European scientific research and technology organisations leading in nanoelectronic and nanoengineering, photonics and optics, chemistry and materials research, digital technologies. Over the last few years, the FTMC has developed cooperation with active members of this network, including center for nanoelectronics in Belgium – IMEC, digital center of Finland – VTT, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission – CEA, research institutes of Fraunhofer, Leibniz, Max Planck in Germany.
According to FTMC Director Gintaras Valušis, membership of the European TTO is one more and very important recognition of the activities of the FTMC:
"In 2019 we became members of the EARTO, in 2020 we've started to participate at EARTO Executive Board. The 2021 we begin as members of the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle (TTO). Membership of this network of leading European researchers, marks the beginning of a new significant phase of the FTMC. This will enable us to enter into a much better quality and more efficient level of technology transfer, to take on the knowledge from more experienced institutions, thereby enhancing international cooperation in this area. We still have a lot to learn here and participating in this network provides this unique opportunity for us." - says G. Valušis.
EC Joint Research Center Director-General Stephan Quest, who signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the FTMC, believes that the Center’s involvement in this network will further strengthen Europe’s position in the development of fundamental sciences, creation and enlargement of high-technologies.
"I welcome the FTMC's membership of the European TTO Circle, and I would like to thank you for your cooperation and for your productive joint activities in the future." - S. Quest wrote in his letter to FTMC.
Signing the Memorandum, the FTMC and the EC Joint Research Center agreed to share best practices, expertise knowledge in technology transfer, also to strengthen the active cooperation between Circle members. It's also necessary to initiate and carry out actions, addressed to the common challenges, facing nowadays Europe. To encourage researchers to become more involved in the development of intellectual property, to reduce the costs of preparing an application for a European patent and of maintaining a patent, to capitalize knowledge, to make more efficient use of existing and emerging intellectual property, to license proprietary technology to companies, etc.
"The Membership of the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle offers new opportunities for the FTMC to share its experiences with colleagues across all Europe, find solutions and thereby acquire additional knowledge and skills. Also to promote technology transfer activities at the center through the development of a sustainable model for the commercialization of technology and innovation." - told Linas Eriksonas, FTMC coordinator of European supported project activities.