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2023. 09. 22 -

FTMC research team wins start-up competition at Life Sciences Baltics event

From left: PhD student Pamela Rivera, Sandra Goldbreih, CEO of Baltic Sandbox Ventures and PhD student Kasparas Kižys. Screenshot from the video of Life Sciences Baltics Facebook page

One of FTMC teams participating in the Life Sciences Baltics Forum, #hitEnergy (PhD students Kasparas Kižys, Pamela Rivera and Romuald Petkevic), has just won the 1st place in the Startup Pitch Battle!

They received an investment of €125,000 from the early-stage VC fund Baltic Sandbox Ventures focused on fostering the lifesciences and deeptech ecosystem in the Baltics. The investment comes with an invitation to join a tailor-made acceleration program that will focus on individualized KPIs to help the winning startup advance the commercialization of its technology and expand to international markets.

Kasparas Kižys and team's idea is to "recruit" yeast to generate electricity by eating our wastewater.

FTMC sees huge applicability here in agriculture and in wastewater management for individual homes. And it could replace thermal power plants.

(Dr. Rasa Pauliukaitė (right) and PhD student Justina Stonytė (middle) with the Innosensus team. Screenshot from the video of Life Sciences Baltics Facebook page)

At the same time, INNOSENSUS, which also took part in the start-up competition with FTMC chemist Dr. Rasa Pauliukaite and PhD student biochemist Justina Stonytė was awarded a special prize of €1,000. The team is developing an easy-to-use small biosensor for detecting gluten in food.

Congratulations to our colleagues, we are very proud of you!

You can see the presentations of our teams' ideas by clicking on this link.

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