Julija 1-a2b372b8b56d298ea1d4d5d622f6a3bf.jpg
2024. 06. 12 -
J. Pupeikė, a PhD student at FTMC, developing e-textiles, is the author of the best poster presentation at the international event
Materials developed by FTMC are flexible, washable and abrasion-resistant, which is crucial for e-textiles.
Pamela OR stand-62c3fec374cbeaf6584524e755621f6b.jpg
2024. 05. 03 -
FTMC PhD student P. Rivera on the chemistry of the future: we need to stop and rethink how to work more sustainably
The young researcher took part in a panel discussion at the Open Readings 2024 conference.
2. Milda-537f85f6463a6d79486d00644e08d7c5.jpg
2024. 04. 11 -
Green hydrogen and solar energy: Lithuanian scientists pave the way for future technologies
FTMC chemist Dr. M. Petrulevičienė and her colleagues are testing new methods to produce hydrogen, the fuel of the future.
Sutartis pagrindinis mini-9c73cc7e1496d7763f39fcd074aa16f5.jpg
2024. 03. 07 -
Water management company "Vilniaus vandenys" will help FTMC scientists develop technology to generate electricity from wastewater
By the end of this year, we hope to have a pilot model that can be implemented in our partners' water treatment systems.
2024. 03. 05 -
Recycled tires will be turned into eco-friendly acoustic plates
FTMC, VILNIUS TECH and business partners are successfully developing this innovation.
2024. 02. 22 -
K. Charniakova, who develops useful oxide coatings, to become a new PhD
The experiments have been successful, and have also produced unexpected results.
Wanessa and Arūnas-929a34d05a02ff0cc128b9560b5a09cc.jpg
2024. 02. 08 -
A new treatment for chronic wounds: an international team of scientists will develop an injectable patch
Dr. W. Mello and Dr. A. Stirkė will represent Lithuania in this promising project.
Vaidas Pudzaitis disertacija-a12c86d6439c4cb22241048f9dda5dd4.jpg
2024. 01. 19 -
V. Pudžaitis, a chemist who studies the interaction of molecules with surfaces, is the new PhD
He tested SEIRAS method, which opens up new possibilities for scientists.
Novikau Raman-4c2dfa4529b0c4676a8c1c545e43b607.jpg
2024. 01. 15 -
FTMC researchers' article is in the TOP1% of highly cited papers
Dr R. Novikau and Dr G. Lujanienė searched ways to protect the environment from radionuclides and heavy metals.
20220425_143057 mini-24d60c6d5d2106bd2aaeb824a91bf8da.jpg
2024. 01. 08 -
Lithuanian's paper in prestigious chemistry journal: glowing molecules that "search" for RNA structures were studied
Our physicist K. Maleckaitė-Mačiulė contributed to a team at Imperial College London.
Vytautas Žutautas FB mini-c256f0b8cc7cff80883d92e0251e75c2.jpg
2023. 12. 22 -
V. Žutautas, who is developing pH and herbicide sensors, is the new PhD
Although the EU has already banned the use of the dangerous chemical atrazine in agriculture, it can still be found in the...
Audrius Sadaunykas FTMC-b9df12853a97fc146c30597c93f58c52.jpg
2023. 12. 21 -
A. Sadaunykas, who improved a popular chemical analytical method, defends his PhD
He succeeded in developing two prototypes of the module, which increased the sensitivity of the gas chromatographic system up...
2023. 12. 19 -
Chemist G. Gečė, who developes the next generation batteries, gets a PhD in Natural Sciences
Sodium-ion batteries are attracting increasing scientific and industrial interest.
Ahmed Taha 2-dc8c4448af734e94d274aa002acf374a.jpg
2023. 12. 05 -
A. Taha, who studies advanced food preservation technology, to become a new PhD
PEF is promising because it processes foodstuffs quickly, emits less carbon dioxide, and uses less energy.
Paulius Gaigalas PhD-879c089b3c4b3d85ddaefe33c3d895c0.jpg
2023. 12. 04 -
Contribution to green energy: a chemist, who extracts hydrogen, P. Gaigalas defends his PhD
Platinum is so far the best choice for water splitting. But this metal is rare and expensive, so scientists are looking for...
Sukovienė, Butkutė, Vaitkevičius, Dudutienė-96d359baa49e57e25ee4db77955c11db.jpg
2023. 11. 15 -
From cancer treatment to faster internet: quantum dots aimed to be used by Lithuanian scientists
This Nobel Prize-winning technology has high expectations in both chemistry and physics.
2023. 10. 19 -
Chemist R. Bogužaitė, who creates molecular "fingerprints", is the winner of the "X Factor" for Lithuanian scientists
Her presentation on molecular imprinting in sensors was gripping from the very first seconds.
2023. 10. 09 -
V. M. Mačiulis, a chemist who studied coronavirus proteins, is the new PhD
His work benefits both science and the companies that produce COVID-19 rapid tests.
Ramanas mini-d117b0a332781fd33de53d064272e6a8.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
Chemist R. Novikau defends his PhD on trapping of hazardous materials released into the environment
Caesium, cobalt and europium can sometimes be harmful. However, new measures are being developed to prevent this.
Karolina sypso mini-d10997cc588d9e58e9556bd00b2e97c8.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
K. Maleckaitė, a physicist who studied the glow of molecules, becomes a PhD
Karolina has contributed to the development of new microviscosity sensors that provide information about the health of a cell.
Kasparas MINI-87405c072a61e33157b4e4909b811ccc.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
FTMC research team wins start-up competition at Life Sciences Baltics event
Congratulations to our colleagues, we are very proud of you!
2023. 09. 22 -
Two FTMC representatives among the winners of the Competition for the Young Scientist Scholarship
Physicist Dr. Paulius Mackonis and chemist Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius were recognised for their work.
Arunas Mini-bd6d5db615353a7d18fa50a10113d73b.jpg
2023. 09. 21 -
Artificial organs - the near future? FTMC researchers aim to bring it closer
Dr. Arūnas Stirkė presented a technology that is expected to be to a real breakthrough in medicine.
Rasa su kolegoms minis-2b26f7d4dcd3560a242059b09da93223.jpg
2023. 09. 21 -
Next-generation sensor development moves forward: technology unveiled at prestigious event
The joint team of FTMC and the start-up Innosensus promises great help for gluten intolerant consumers.
Kasparas pop-1cb213c765e0490745ee521c00f174bd.jpg
2023. 09. 20 -
FTMC researchers presenting artificial organ support at prestigious life sciences event
K. Kižys and his team are presenting a biocell technology under development that could revolutionize waste recycling and have...
Svajus A.v1 black-d27ebea35906e182bd7e0801e0cbef66.jpg
2023. 08. 25 -
A brilliant scientist who brought Western culture: colleagues' memories of Dr. Svajus Asadauskas
Today, 25 August, Dr. Svajus Asadauskas, a prominent chemist-engineer, would have turned 56.
2 Vytautas-e9f9170ef30e59952555257f197dee38.jpg
2023. 07. 27 -
PhD student has developed a sensor that promises a breakthrough in the food industry
Vytautas Žutautas never thought he would ever do chemistry in his life. But suddenly he discovered his own way in this field.
Edvinas du-eb5b1cc036efd8f7b6504a893070de84.jpg
2023. 06. 16 -
Life sciences specialist E. Navakauskas defends his doctoral thesis
Diseases related to amyloid proteins have been studied for more than a hundred years, but we still haven't found a cure for...

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