Defence industry

Irina, Karolis ir Mantas-807e6bd92f501a7ab9e00cd9568f8f86.jpg
2024. 04. 12 -
FTMC innovation experts at the Three Seas Initiative event
They presented technologies and products developed at our Center for both civilian and military use.
Ismanoji liemene FTMC-f41cb5055ed78239a692edc146edd602.jpg
2023. 11. 21 -
FTMC smart vest among the first inventions in Lithuania to receive European Unitary Patent
This is clothing designed for people who work in extreme conditions, such as heat or cold.
Adaptive Camouflage Fabric-d21fa80bdb8d1c62fe3a0bf574fa613e.png
2023. 08. 31 -
FTMC researchers to take part in a new international project funded by the European Defence Fund
The research under this project aims to improve existing technologies for the development of adaptive camouflage.
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2023. 06. 13 -
Lithuanian Armed Forces sign cooperation agreements with two Lithuanian research institutions
The parties are expected to work together on defence innovation.

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