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2024. 04. 11 -
Green hydrogen and solar energy: Lithuanian scientists pave the way for future technologies
FTMC chemist Dr. M. Petrulevičienė and her colleagues are testing new methods to produce hydrogen, the fuel of the future.
Vytautas Žutautas FB mini-c256f0b8cc7cff80883d92e0251e75c2.jpg
2023. 12. 22 -
V. Žutautas, who is developing pH and herbicide sensors, is the new PhD
Although the EU has already banned the use of the dangerous chemical atrazine in agriculture, it can still be found in the...
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2023. 12. 04 -
Contribution to green energy: a chemist, who extracts hydrogen, P. Gaigalas defends his PhD
Platinum is so far the best choice for water splitting. But this metal is rare and expensive, so scientists are looking for...
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2023. 07. 27 -
PhD student has developed a sensor that promises a breakthrough in the food industry
Vytautas Žutautas never thought he would ever do chemistry in his life. But suddenly he discovered his own way in this field.

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