FTMC Department of Environmental Research

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2024. 01. 15 -
FTMC researchers' article is in the TOP1% of highly cited papers
Dr R. Novikau and Dr G. Lujanienė searched ways to protect the environment from radionuclides and heavy metals.
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2023. 10. 27 -
UK and FTMC researches discussed sustainability and science
Environmental research is an area where FTMC and the visiting British universities can find common ground.
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2023. 10. 26 -
FTMC Mobile laboratory to study air pollution in a school
FTMC scientists will monitor the amount of microplastics and other polluting particles around children and teachers every day.
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2023. 09. 22 -
Chemist R. Novikau defends his PhD on trapping of hazardous materials released into the environment
Caesium, cobalt and europium can sometimes be harmful. However, new measures are being developed to prevent this.

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