FTMC Department of Optoelectronics

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2024. 05. 15 -
Laser for blood monitoring and the search for star clusters: young FTMC physicists have won Open Readings 2024
Engineer Aivaras Špokas and technician Erikas Cicėnas have been awarded for the best oral presentations.
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2024. 05. 13 -
Lithuanian research on the cover of the prestigious journal Laser & Photonics Reviews!
FTMC physicists have theoretically calculated, fabricated and laboratory tested innovative optical lenses for terahertz imaging.
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2023. 12. 20 -
T. Paulauskas, the head of the Lithuanian Quantum Technologies Association: we want to create devices that help each one of us
What are the main goals of the Association? And what kind of technological breakthrough can we expect from Lithuanians?
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2023. 11. 29 -
FTMC chemist A. Zdaniauskienė is the author of the best PhD thesis in 2022!
Another FTMC scientist, Dr. E. Dudutienė, is also in the top five.
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2023. 11. 15 -
From cancer treatment to faster internet: quantum dots aimed to be used by Lithuanian scientists
This Nobel Prize-winning technology has high expectations in both chemistry and physics.
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2023. 10. 27 -
UK and FTMC researches discussed sustainability and science
Environmental research is an area where FTMC and the visiting British universities can find common ground.
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2023. 09. 29 -
R. Ivaškevičiūtė-Povilauskienė, who has presented world-class innovations in the field of terahertz, is the new PhD
Rusnė was looking for solutions to replace thick lenses with thin, flexible optical elements.
2023. 06. 12 -
A new tool to control light: FTMC talent from India has developed a promising hybrid lens
One of the goals of researchers around the world is to see diffractive optics used in smartphones.
2023. 06. 09 -
Young scientists get married on the roof of the Faculty of Physics at Vilnius University
The newlyweds are FTMC PhD student K. Adomavičius and VU PhD student R. Urbonavičiūtė.
2023. 06. 02 -
FTMC team's invention is the 7000th in Lithuania
This "anniversary" is commemorated in a symbolic award.

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