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2024. 07. 01 -
UPLAMP 2024 summer school
All laser microfabrication professionals and students are welcome! The summer school will take place on July 1-6.
2024. 06. 05 -
PULSATE Connect: Laser Innovation for SMEs
Small and medium-sized enterprises are invited to the free event.
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2024. 05. 31 -
FTMC engineer A. Černeckytė, who studies ultrashort pulse lasers, receives an award at the International Photonics Conference
The youngest participant in the event was awarded for the best oral presentation in the laser section!
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2024. 05. 16 -
G. Liaugminas, a laser scientist working on fiber optics, is a new PhD
His research has led him to become more interested in quantum communication - and to continue his work in this direction.
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2024. 05. 15 -
Laser for blood monitoring and the search for star clusters: young FTMC physicists have won Open Readings 2024
Engineer Aivaras Špokas and technician Erikas Cicėnas have been awarded for the best oral presentations.
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2024. 04. 24 -
Laser scientist Dr. L. Grinevičiūtė, who chose the path of a researcher: there is always something new to discover in my work
The talented FTMC physicist shared her insights at the Open Readings 2024 International Student Conference.
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2023. 11. 15 -
From cancer treatment to faster internet: quantum dots aimed to be used by Lithuanian scientists
This Nobel Prize-winning technology has high expectations in both chemistry and physics.
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2023. 11. 06 -
FTMC engineer receives award at Lithuanian National Physics Conference
Rodrigas Liudvinavičius is developing a technology that uses a laser to create "light-breaking" microbumps.
2023. 09. 22 -
Two FTMC representatives among the winners of the Competition for the Young Scientist Scholarship
Physicist Dr. Paulius Mackonis and chemist Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius were recognised for their work.
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2023. 09. 08 -
S. Pūkienė, a physicist who develops sensors, becomes a PhD in Technological Sciences
How can gallium arsenide bismide serve science and society?

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