PhD thesis

Ahmed Taha 2-dc8c4448af734e94d274aa002acf374a.jpg
2023. 12. 05 -
A. Taha, who studies advanced food preservation technology, to become a new PhD
PEF is promising because it processes foodstuffs quickly, emits less carbon dioxide, and uses less energy.
Agne pr1-f888e25023aec54e71adf4971a99bf9f.jpg
2023. 11. 29 -
FTMC chemist A. Zdaniauskienė is the author of the best PhD thesis in 2022!
Another FTMC scientist, Dr. E. Dudutienė, is also in the top five.
Rokas Gea-22bea4a6bbb10f8ba2591e8ce9879871.jpg
2023. 05. 31 -
Physicist Rokas Gegevičius becomes a PhD in Natural Sciences
Perovskite crystals are being used to improve the next-generation solar cells - but there are problems with it.

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