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2024. 05. 31 -
FTMC engineer A. Černeckytė, who studies ultrashort pulse lasers, receives an award at the International Photonics Conference
The youngest participant in the event was awarded for the best oral presentation in the laser section!
Matas Rudzikas mini-f12d6e662e3fca8aab19b8ee534a8add.jpg
2024. 05. 30 -
Physicist M. Rudzikas, who gives colours to solar panels, becomes a PhD
Solar cells are increasingly being used on buildings - and there's a need to make this useful "decoration" aesthetically pleasing.
Dronu diena mini FTMC-d17f6839da264685127c5f9a25549734.jpg
2024. 05. 29 -
FTMC attended the Drone Day 2024
Our innovation managers discussed work with existing partners and made new contacts for research and development.
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2024. 05. 22 -
For the first time in FTMC - science and business forum CleanTech Innovations
One of the purpose of the event is to promote cooperation between the members of the ecosystemthe of clean and renewable...
Sutartis pagrindinis mini-9c73cc7e1496d7763f39fcd074aa16f5.jpg
2024. 03. 07 -
Water management company "Vilniaus vandenys" will help FTMC scientists develop technology to generate electricity from wastewater
By the end of this year, we hope to have a pilot model that can be implemented in our partners' water treatment systems.
Wanessa and Arūnas-929a34d05a02ff0cc128b9560b5a09cc.jpg
2024. 02. 08 -
A new treatment for chronic wounds: an international team of scientists will develop an injectable patch
Dr. W. Mello and Dr. A. Stirkė will represent Lithuania in this promising project.
Rokas Kondrotas (2) mini-a50a70d84735a218cdc79735c97055db.jpg
2023. 12. 22 -
The new material to boost the efficiency limits of silicon solar cells
The leading author of the study is Dr. Rokas Kondrotas, head of the Department of Characterisation of Materials Structure at FTMC.
Audrius Sadaunykas FTMC-b9df12853a97fc146c30597c93f58c52.jpg
2023. 12. 21 -
A. Sadaunykas, who improved a popular chemical analytical method, defends his PhD
He succeeded in developing two prototypes of the module, which increased the sensitivity of the gas chromatographic system up...
Ahmed Taha 2-dc8c4448af734e94d274aa002acf374a.jpg
2023. 12. 05 -
A. Taha, who studies advanced food preservation technology, to become a new PhD
PEF is promising because it processes foodstuffs quickly, emits less carbon dioxide, and uses less energy.
Ismanoji liemene FTMC-f41cb5055ed78239a692edc146edd602.jpg
2023. 11. 21 -
FTMC smart vest among the first inventions in Lithuania to receive European Unitary Patent
This is clothing designed for people who work in extreme conditions, such as heat or cold.

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