Mantas Gaidys-84d0488350ec7ed641724282c68a7efb.jpg
2024. 06. 19 -
FTMC PhD student M. Gaidys' presentation recognized as the best in Spain for the second consecutive year
This is a great international recognition of the entire Lithuanian laser technology sector.
OPERA Noelle-0c6214a2a6ed0423e76be09b6bc4fadb.jpg
2024. 06. 12 -
Head of the European research network on epitaxy: it's a one of the key areas in the development of daily technologies
FTMC hosts an international epitaxy workshop for students and young scientists.
Untitled design (57)-3704811459425c43c678704a25030006.jpg
2024. 05. 31 -
FTMC engineer A. Černeckytė, who studies ultrashort pulse lasers, receives an award at the International Photonics Conference
The youngest participant in the event was awarded for the best oral presentation in the laser section!
Matas Rudzikas mini-f12d6e662e3fca8aab19b8ee534a8add.jpg
2024. 05. 30 -
Physicist M. Rudzikas, who gives colours to solar panels, becomes a PhD
Solar cells are increasingly being used on buildings - and there's a need to make this useful "decoration" aesthetically pleasing.
Gustas Liaugminas-2535488b51a333b9f4a4c20d5c784f1d.jpg
2024. 05. 16 -
G. Liaugminas, a laser scientist working on fiber optics, is a new PhD
His research has led him to become more interested in quantum communication - and to continue his work in this direction.
Untitled design (48)-cb70ec48d0cbc4662861ec6e7f59bb20.png
2024. 05. 15 -
Laser for blood monitoring and the search for star clusters: young FTMC physicists have won Open Readings 2024
Engineer Aivaras Špokas and technician Erikas Cicėnas have been awarded for the best oral presentations.
2024. 05. 14 -
In memory of Prof. Audrius Alkauskas: former colleagues have published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics
His contribution to theoretical materials science and semiconductor physics remains extremely important.
Laser virselis-2d241a456a33dacea29b13f9817e2f70.jpg
2024. 05. 13 -
Lithuanian research on the cover of the prestigious journal Laser & Photonics Reviews!
FTMC physicists have theoretically calculated, fabricated and laboratory tested innovative optical lenses for terahertz imaging.
Jurgis Babonas-408f64cbc40d35765b04a3a30b1a230a.jpg
2024. 04. 29 -
In Memoriam. Gintautas Jurgis Babonas
We express our sincere condolences to Professor's family and colleagues.
Lina 2-eae9f4b0d64161edf9e1aef4f0320b54.jpg
2024. 04. 24 -
Laser scientist Dr. L. Grinevičiūtė, who chose the path of a researcher: there is always something new to discover in my work
The talented FTMC physicist shared her insights at the Open Readings 2024 International Student Conference.
20220425_143057 mini-24d60c6d5d2106bd2aaeb824a91bf8da.jpg
2024. 01. 08 -
Lithuanian's paper in prestigious chemistry journal: glowing molecules that "search" for RNA structures were studied
Our physicist K. Maleckaitė-Mačiulė contributed to a team at Imperial College London.
Danielius Lingis-59ca7ed8b827062a80f426a9cddcd2f1.jpg
2023. 11. 28 -
D. Lingis, who developed computer program to study particle scattering, is the new PhD
It will make it easier for scientists from Lithuania and abroad to study physical processes and test hypotheses.
Sukovienė, Butkutė, Vaitkevičius, Dudutienė-96d359baa49e57e25ee4db77955c11db.jpg
2023. 11. 15 -
From cancer treatment to faster internet: quantum dots aimed to be used by Lithuanian scientists
This Nobel Prize-winning technology has high expectations in both chemistry and physics.
Karolina sypso mini-d10997cc588d9e58e9556bd00b2e97c8.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
K. Maleckaitė, a physicist who studied the glow of molecules, becomes a PhD
Karolina has contributed to the development of new microviscosity sensors that provide information about the health of a cell.
2023. 09. 22 -
Two FTMC representatives among the winners of the Competition for the Young Scientist Scholarship
Physicist Dr. Paulius Mackonis and chemist Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius were recognised for their work.
Arunas Mini-bd6d5db615353a7d18fa50a10113d73b.jpg
2023. 09. 21 -
Artificial organs - the near future? FTMC researchers aim to bring it closer
Dr. Arūnas Stirkė presented a technology that is expected to be to a real breakthrough in medicine.
Lena mini-0dd4c48bc1888294553b3b23838fdfc1.jpg
2023. 09. 15 -
Physicist interested in black silicon L. Golubewa becomes the new PhD in Natural Sciences
Desired technology sounds like something out of science fiction - but science is moving towards it, and Lena is contributing to...
Kirilas 1-198b14648403c26a6213404ba68ad6c4.jpg
2023. 09. 07 -
Medical physicist K. Skovorodko defends his PhD thesis on ionizing radiation research
Nuclear medicine is a field that is gaining increasing importance worldwide.
2023. 07. 18 -
When a surname becomes a scientific term: chaos control by Prof. K. Pyragas
He is the most cited Lithuanian researcher of all time, and the simple formula he developed was a real breakthrough.
Edvinas du-eb5b1cc036efd8f7b6504a893070de84.jpg
2023. 06. 16 -
Life sciences specialist E. Navakauskas defends his doctoral thesis
Diseases related to amyloid proteins have been studied for more than a hundred years, but we still haven't found a cure for...

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